SilaEnduro 2

31 ottobre-1 novembre

Due giorni di enduro nello spettacolare teatro naturale della Sila.

Saremo ospiti del b&b Le Cuturelle, coccolati da Angela e Andrea con le specialità locali.

Per chi arriva in aereo possibilità di trasferimento in auto dall’aeroporto di Crotone o Lamezia


FW version: 1800 V2.16 FW name:ContourROAM2   UPDATE:y UPDATE_FW:N 1RES:P/3 1BR:H 1MIC:17 1LED:1 1LSR:1 1SILENT:0 1EV:0 1SHRP:3 1AE:C 1CTST:62 1AWB:0 GLOBAL CAMERA NAME:ContourROAM2 DT:2014/01/30 15:18:45 FPS:30 	CAMERA INFO CUID:1246010121369 	USER DATA DATA:ContourROAM2 Camera DATA STRUCTURE UPDATE 	 Y:YES 	 N:NO UPDATE_FW 	 Y:YES 	 N:NO Format Settings Resolution(RES) 	(A)1920x1080 30fps (NTSC)/25fps (PAL) 	(B)1280x960  30fps (NTSC)/25fps (PAL) 	(C)1280x720  30fps (NTSC)/25fps (PAL) 	(D)1280x720  60fps (NTSC)/50fps (PAL) 	(P/#)Still picture 5Mp captured at intervals of 1 picture every 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, 60 seconds (where the time is measured from start of picture to start of picture) Bitrate(BR) 	(H)High 	(L)Low Microphone Sensitivity(MIC) 	0 ~ 42dB Lighting(LED) 	(0):disabled 	(1):enabled Laser(LSR) 	(0):disabled 	(1):enabled Silent Mode(SILENT) 	(0)Enable Beeps 	(1)Disable beeps Exposure(EV) 	-4 ~ 4 Sharpness(SHRP) 	1 ~ 5 Auto Exposure(AE) 	(C)Center 	(A)Average 	(S)Spot Contrast(CTST) 	1 ~ 255 AutoWhiteBalance(AWB) 	(0)AUTO  (1)2800K_Incandescent  (2)4000K_Flourescent  (3)5000K_DaylightD50 	(4)6500K_DaylightD65  (5)7500k_Cloudy  (6)9000k_Shade  (7)10000k_XenonHID Global Settings Frame Rate(FPS) 	(25)25/50fps 	(30)30/60fps Camera name(CAMERA NAME)[up to 20 characters] 	Name entered by user e.g. Jason's Contour Date and Time(DT) 	YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss 	YYYY : 2012 - 2040 	MM : 01 - 12 	DD : 01 - 31 User Data(DATA)[up to 100 characters] 	'User' value in the universal settings section  	where the line contents are simply preserved by the camera.